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After over 10 years with experience in the Private Event and Wedding industries, as well as working as performers, session musicians, recording artists, songwriters and producers, Pam Steebler and Vinny da Silva saw a gap that needed to be filled within the Entertainment and Event industry in the New York area: The dilemma between having a live band (and being able to afford it), or a DJ.


They came up with a solution: A hip-looking group that blends the DJ and live music, with extreme professionalism, and the right recipe of extremely talented musicians that is going to fit your budget, keep your event stress-free and everyone dancing from beginning to end!

Brazilian/Canadian artist Pam Steebler is best known for her amazing vocal ability and innovative songwriting. Graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2013, she has been awarded 'best NYC emerging artist' with her self-titled original project by The Deli Magazine in 2016. Pam has performed with some of the most renowned entertainment bands in the New York area.

Originally from Brazil, Vinny da Silva is a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and recording artist with his original project Vicious Clay. Also a Berklee College of Music alumni ('14), he has been a part of and toured with many Nationally-recognized acts since moving to the US almost 10 years ago.

(more about Pam and Vinny's work: pamsteebler.com ; viciousclay.com)